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Jump into ePals | Spring 2013
Meghan Duffey, New Holland Elementary School
During the 2013-2014 school year, Meghan Esslinger’s second grade class participated in a 5-week ePals project. The purpose of the project was to give students opportunities to interact and communicate with students from around the world. The Spartan Foundation grant was used to purchase an iPad which allowed Ms. Esslinger’s students to communicate through image, video and sound with students in a school in Russia. During the 5 week program, students used an iPad video application to give a virtual tour of their schools and were asked to compare and contrast them.

The iPad gave students the opportunity to write emails and discuss cultural and community traditions. Other activities included visiting independent learning centers, creating self-portrait drawings, and participating in a story exchange. During the story exchange, each student wrote their own creative story and learned about the writing process from pre-writing to publishing. When the stories were complete, each student used the iPad to record themselves reading their stories out loud. The students listened then evaluated the stories and provided feedback through discussion boards.

The second grade students from both schools had fun learning about another culture in a unique way that would not have been possible without the help of the Spartan Foundation. This grant gave students an opportunity to make connections with students from another culture while also meeting curriculum standards in reading and writing.

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