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Food Resource Bank | Fall 2014
Heather Pray, Garden Spot High School
The Food Resource Bank (FRB) raises money to help people in developing countries to grow their own food. FRB is a completely student run project in the classroom. The teacher will help guide the students and ensure that from this experience they are learning not only about global agriculture but also what it takes to grow a crop. The students do all the leg work and decision making from deciding what to plant, to what project to support, to asking for donations and everything in between.

The students work with a local farmer who does all of the planting and harvesting for us. As a class, we take field trips to visit the fields to take soil samples and learn about the machinery and instruments used for planting and harvesting. This project has a great impact on students as it gives them the opportunity to learn about global agriculture. Students get to research how agriculture functions in other developed and developing countries which gives them the contrast to how agriculture functions within the United States. It also is a service project that allows them to learn about American agriculture while giving back to a global agriculture project.

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