Eastern Lancaster County School District Spartan Foundation for Education seeks to enhance the global educational opportunities of our students to help them better compete in a rapidly-changing, technology-driven world. The Foundation is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to enriching the educational experiences of the students and faculty of the ELANCO public schools. By funding pilot projects, the work of the foundation encourages innovation in educational activities that help students expand their thinking globally, beyond the borders of their local community. The Foundation supports the importance of the basic education requirements established by State and Federal authorities, but seeks to supplement learning activities that teach 21st century skill sets.

Meet The Board


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Chris Epler

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Joy Hungerford


Matt Armbruster

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Adam Geiman


Dr. Robert Hollister


Keith D. Ramsey


Dina Maio

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Cathy Proviano

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Nicol Grim


Terry Harmer


Danielle Magee

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Jezek Alverez

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This Could  Be You

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This Could  Be You

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This Could  Be You